Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review Marvel X-Men 2 Disc Set- Animated Series An interesting take on the Xmen in Sold story in the X-Men tradition.

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the Marvel X-Men 2 Disc Set- Animated Series, so i have to tell.

Marvel X-Men 2 Disc Set- Animated Series Wolverine Cyclops and a core group of Marvel Comics' venerable X-Men head to Japan to prevent a mutant uprising in Marvel Anime X-Men a stylish revamp of the long-running franchise that's strong on action if less so on plotting. That's an unfortunate situation especially given the brand's history of complex and mature storylines here the action hinges largely around .... Read more or Check Price

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Great series I like the character Cyclops ' in almost every show and this. But few are able to grasp the power of its capacity. This makes him the leader X -Men that had to be. by Mugi

I'm not particularly a fan of the story presented in this series but having said that the animation is absolutely top notch and definitely a good buy for fans. by Customer

I loved this X -Men I am a fan of the original 90's X -Men but this is the most beautiful and the sound of X -Men that I've ever seen and the story was really good and the fights were f ing ... by Joker 20

This was a solid story broken down by episode. The story was a multi- episode arc that took 12 episodes to tell. by Ralph J. Fitcher


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