Monday, August 11, 2014

Review Citizen Men's AT4006-06X Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band

A yesterday. I search for information on the Citizen Men's AT4006-06X Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch with Leather, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Citizen Men's AT4006-06X Stainless Steel

Perpetual Chronograph A-T CollectionCitizen Eco-Drive with atomic timekeeping the Perpetual Chrono A-T. Atomic clock synchronization for superior accuracy in 5 time zones this perpetual calendar chronograph with alarm also features an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and brown ion plated bezel. Synchronized to Atomic Clock for Superior AccuracyAtomic Timekeeping Technology with .... Read more or Check Price

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The opinions of the customers who bought this item

High quality and looks awesome. Battery lasts about 3 months if you keep the watch in the dark and fully charges in one day. Atomic clock function works in California. by Constantin Munteanu

WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE ELEGANT . "LOVE OF A NATIONAL QUALITY ' LONGEVITY ' solar charging and ATOMIC LINK ""AMORE CITTADINO DI QUALITA ' LONGEVITA' ricarica solare e ATOMIC LINK """"""Goes well with GOLD ""Si abbina bene con ORO """"""it""LOVE"1truefalse877010"OF"2truefalse329120"A NATIONAL"3truefalse329240"QUALITY"4truefalse308450"'"5truetrue308560""6falsefalse329670"LONGEVITY"7truefalse329780"'"8falsefalse328890""9falsefalse3289100"solar charging"10truefalse26910120"and"11truefalse26912130"ATOMIC"12truefalse26913140"LINK"13truefalse26914150""14falsefalse32715160"Goes well with"31truefalse636031"GOLD"32truefalse864341""33falsefalse864451"AMORE"1"LOVE"877truefalse"AMORE"0truefalse05"AMORE CITTADINO DI QUALITA ' LONGEVITA' ricarica solare e ATOMIC LINK ""DI"2"OF"329truefalse"FOR"0truefalse"TO"0truefalse"DI"0truefalse"THE"0truefalse1618"""CITTADINO"3"A NATIONAL"329truefalse"NATIONAL"122truefalse"CITIZEN"12truefalse"CITY"1truefalse"CITIZENS"0truefalse615"""QUALITA"4"QUALITY"308truefalse"ACTING"0truefalse"ACTING AS"0truefalse"AS"0truefalse1926"""'"5"'"308truetrue2728""""6""329falsefalse2930"""LONGEVITA"7"LONGEVITY"329truefalse"DURABILITY"0truefalse"REPLAYABILITY"0truefalse3140"""'"8"'"328falsefalse4041""""9""328falsefalse4243"""ricarica solare"10"solar charging"269truefalse"solar recharge"0truefalse"sunlight charge"0truefalse4459"""e"11"and"269truefalse6061"""ATOMIC"12"ATOMIC"269truefalse"the ATOMIC"0truefalse6268"""LINK"13"LINK"269truefalse"LINKS"1truefalse6973""""14""327falsefalse7475"""Si abbina bene con"31"Goes well with"636truefalse"It matches with"0truefalse"Goes well with which"0truefalse018"Si abbina bene con ORO ""ORO"32"GOLD"864truefalse"ORO"0truefalse"GOLDEN"0truefalse1922""""33""864falsefalse2324"""AMORE CITTADINO DI QUALIT ' LONGEVIT' ricarica solare e ATOMIC LINK Si abbina bene con ORO "6"it"61 by STAR*MAN

Citizen bought this because I had a quality watch for ten years after which he had to take to his lab official but it never came out quite right (it's been there 3 times ). by Antonio Gonzlez Zapata

This is a great watch looks great in the sun. and get a good amount of complements on the style . by Scott White


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